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Sup? I'm Haley. Half Korean. Half White. 18. Senior.

And there's nothing I love more than Photography, Art, Music, Adventures, and making Forts. I know I sound lame, but it's whatevs.

I usually post what's on my mind or something interesting.
I blog to express, not impress. Don't hate.
But I do love and appreciate EVERY single one of my followers ♥
I'm quite shy, but I try to be more outgoing.
Get to know me :)
All haters, Lovers are welcome to talk to me.

When Waves make clouds ©

Chest deep, I risked my phone’s life to take this

Sea monsters inspired by leafy sea dragons! for dubious expedition, in October!

(via 500px / Foxy Love: A Happy Valentine by Roeselien Raimond)